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Technical Training, Technical Authoring & Writing, Translation 

Rathmoy L'anglais "Made in Sundgau"

Many companies have requirements for technical documents and training but do not have the resources to carry out the task effectively nor the desire to take on a full-time employee. This is where I can help. I offer the following services on a short, medium or long-term freelance/contract basis:

Technical authoring/writing - System, Sub-system, Equipment manuals, User Guides, maintenance manuals, ISO & ATA, standards, simplified English
Technical and general translation from French to English
Technical and general French/English interpretation and technical negociation assistance.
Editing and rewriting of technical documents (web or printed) created by non-native speakers
Technical Validation of maintenance documentation with equipment, test benches, special tools, etc
Technical training at client premises or 3rd party locations anywhere in the world
Training course creation and development
Customer support management
Workshop validation
Workshop set-up
Project management (PMP)
Technical on-site assistance

Head of mission/company representation