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Setting a price for a project is always a 'tricky' decision. The rate/price will depend on the following factors:

- the duration of the project,

- the urgency of the project,

- the length of any existing business relationship with the client,

- the technical aspects of project,

- has the client paid previous invoices on time,

- the location where the work is to be carried out,

- will travel to 3rd party sites will be required,

It is therefore very difficult to provide a fixed quote on a web site.

However, as an experienced technical writer & trainer,  I rely on the proven quality of my work. In general, my base rate for technical authoring and/or training can vary from EURO 400 to 800 per day (Chf 500 to Chf 900, or GB £350 to £750). The price, once fixed, will cover everywhere in the Eurozone, Switzerland and the UK and are inclusive of all expenses except normal  expenses to 3 party sites, as required. A fee may be charged to cover initial cost of travel, etc, should an interview be required.

Discounts are available for:

  • payment of an advance
  • long-term projects (6 months+)
  • long-term business relationships

My rates for editing are:

  • Technical editing: £90 GB/1OO Euro/125 Chf per 1000 words (4 x A4 pages)
  • Basic copy editing: £70 GB/80 Euro/90 Chf per 1000 words (4 x A4 pages)
  • Complete rewrite: by negotiation